Practice Place Crete

Dennis Ireland

Practice Place in Crete

5th June – 30rd September 2023

In the historic landmark of Rethymno, with sandy beaches only 1km away, we offer a summer practice and retreat for practitioners that wish to enjoy the serene environment of Pigi Village.

There will be daily morning classes (6 times per week, Sunday-Friday) and one evening Zen practice per week with Kristina Karitinou and her assistant for all levels, including beginners.


Michael Anastassiades intiriors designer, the co-founder of Yoga Practice (now Practice Place)back in 2001 Uk. Hyong Gak Sunim Zen Master, Dimitriou Ioannis MD PT Athanasios Papatheodorou Αnciend Greek professor Irini Daskalaki sociologist, musicologist, artist. Evi Kypri co-founder of Enjoy Practice Creece and to Maria my good friend,my lovely children!

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So the accommodation and the food is your personal choice. We practice in the morning and the students have free time.

In order to book your place you need to deposit by bank transfer 30% off total amount.
Practice Sunday till plus Friday, Saturday off.
Time of practice shifts starting from 7.00am (Greek time, EET) till 11.00am, it depends for the amount of students that will practice that period!
If you are still interested, let me know the dates that you want to come.

Villa Kara (
Theranos house and villa Ying (these two on The third is villa vojka (on Airbnb). Theanos is cheap and he is a very nice guy. The other two are very nice too!
If you rent a car (fantastic idea for coming and going to airport).

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